I had a very nice conversation with my sister Emily, and Brendan yesterday about this blog (imagine that!) and they made some very helpful suggestions. My first format (it’s called “theme” in blog world) was very simple which I like, but too limited.  I could only have one menu item at the top of the page and five or six would be better. So the search continues and meanwhile I’m discovering the hard way, of course, that it is not easy to get a perfect match. After trying a few on for size this morning I am finding the “fixed width” too narrow, and two columns too wide.  So please bear with me for a next couple of days. I am of course avoiding any themes that cost money, but they are alongside the free options, looking very pretty.

Meanwhile, a set of twin lambs were born, one ram and one ewe. The sun is shining and multiple loads of laundry are hanging out to dry. The rain was lovely for the garden but weeds also love it. Grass in the yard is quickly approaching ankle length. Billy is back into full hay making mode.  Six hundred pounds of lamb feed need to be picked up this afternoon and beef for us is ready at the butcher. Those darn chickens are hiding their eggs again so I need to send the girls through the raspberries for a proper search. Last night was chilly enough for a sweater; tonight they are calling for the same. I’m going to light up the stove this afternoon to get some baking done. Something to have with our strawberry jam would be nice.

What are you up to today?

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