Harriet and Elisa had a very good day at the fair. This week we are in Cortland, the girls’ home for 4-H; last weekend we were in Cayuga County for an Empire Sheep competition. Harriet got blue ribbons for showmanship for both hogs and sheep. The judge said Harriet was giving the senior showmen “a run for their money.” She had amazing eye contact with the judge during the final hog competition. Elisa came home with two trophies. Her pig won grand champion market hog and her ewe won grand champion breeding ewe. Harriet’s market lamb came in at a very close second in its class.

Our small family is my team and this is as close as I get to knowing what people feel when they are watching their team play the World Series. It is one of the few times in my life when I am on the edge of my seat with excitement. It is an enormous amount of fun and when the hard work pays off, it is very satisfying.

Now on to vegetable entries, homemade bread and granola. The horticulture competition is on Saturday; Harriet has been studying but there is more practicing to be done. And all the while the farm chores have to be done, dishes, and laundry. I had better get moving.

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