First trip (am): The day started off very quietly. The vegetable entries were due and  animals that are staying at the fair needed breakfast.

Second trip (pm): In a bit of a mad rush we left home again with Harriet’s supplies for the Table Setting Competition and Elisa’s granola.

The second time we just stayed and stayed.

Later in the afternoon, Harriet and Elisa took a turn at being mannequins. Here they are at Harriet’s place setting, supposedly sitting completely still for five minutes. I realize now that it only works if Elisa has a book. Her limit today while I could bear to watch was less than ten seconds. Can you tell by that sweet look on her face that she is kicking her sister under the table?

We ate the leftover granola for supper, watched a little of the cow show, checked the pigs and sheep one last time and headed home in the dark.

Nice moon tonight.

One thought on “more fair

  1. Anna, it is so nice for us to get your blog and pictures. Makes us feel not so far away. Give some hugs to the blue-“riboned” girls. love.

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