Last night was the livestock auction. Afterwards there was square dancing in the show ring. I thought I had better spend the night so I left the girls at home to do the chores; Billy was baling until dark. I set up a cot near the pigs, pulled the sleeping bag up to my forehead long before lights were out in the barn, and slept like a log.

Early this morning I fed our animals quietly. Once Z’s pigs decide they need breakfast, there will be no more sleep for anyone. Then I headed home on empty roads.
It is the last day of the fair.

2 thoughts on “winding down

  1. I tried to sit and watch the auction but guess I met my threshold despite logic and I opted for the 4H building. I turned around to find the kids and Mark on my heals. The wee morning hours sans the public remind me of our overnight in our tent at our show site at the Bouckville Antique show. Familial gypsy spirits and magical…

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