Very early last week I patted myself on the back because it was fair week and as I headed out one morning, the breakfast dishes were done and a load of laundry was on the line. By Thursday that had all fallen to pieces, completely.  On Friday we said to ourselves, if the animals have feed and  clean water and the (human) kids have been handed a nutella sandwich, never mind that they had one at breakfast and lunch too, then we are doing well.

This is the week our beef calves at home realized that there was enough erosion at the stream crossing that they could now fit under the wire and walk around the road for fun. It was also probably the busiest week of the year for baling hay. I will not be taking pictures to prove to you the state of disarray around here. You are going to have to trust me on this.

We brought our animals home this morning, power washed the trailer, said hello to the cat, and began to slowly put things back in order. It is a hot one too. The garden needs water and I am just the one for that job right now.

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