This is what I would consider a true summer day. If I closed my eyes I was back in my childhood. The summer makes me miss my grandmother for some reason. It was hot, although I’ve felt hotter, and humid. I had my hair pulled up to keep it off my sticky neck.  I told Billy that loving this heat must mean I’m a bit more homesick than I realized and his response was, “Have you lost your mind?” We didn’t have to stack hay in the barn today but the memory is still fresh. Last night there was a heavy storm. The fields were still too wet to work so we had the luxury of working  in the shade. On this hill there is always a little air moving and we have maples in the yard.  Tonight after dinner I took a cool shower (heaven) and ate raspberries for dessert while the girls chased each other around the yard with the hose. Tomorrow is supposed to be hotter and it is back to baling.

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