Started my day with coffee then a run with my sister to the ocean. Wish you could tell from the picture that we are at the top of a huge dune that drops straight down.

Late in the afternoon at the beach, the lifeguard sent everyone out of the water because the waves were too rough, so we made a trek to a bridge that is impassable during high tide. The water covered the road up to my knees  in the deepest spots.

I was thinking about titling this post, “If all your friends jumped off a bridge, would you?”

. . .

Low tide must have been been approaching quickly. Cars in a line were beginning to pull up to the water’s edge in anticipation.

Our friends had left before us because though the water was warm the breeze was not. At that point in the day there were no dry towels among us, or warm dry clothes. Their parting advice was, ” When the tide goes out, don’t jump.”

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