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I dropped the girls off at the library parking lot today and when I went back to fetch them an hour or so later, the volunteer at the front desk said, “Anna, your girls just went out the door. You must have just missed them.” I did find them walking up to the corner cross walk as they headed to the doctor’s office. Harriet was taking herself for her wellness physical. I ran to catch them because I realized I had forgotten to give her the paper the doctor was to sign and send back to school. Then I went back to my work. A couple of hours later we stopped to get them a slice of pizza for a quick dinner and I  knew every single person we passed, by name, going into the restaurant.  And when we came out there were P. and B. just home from Ireland this week, getting ice cream cones. They were far enough away that we just waved. We had to get home. Yesterday, I stopped at the garden in town to get a tomato for dinner before we even came up the hill to the farm.  M.G. was driving  past  and yelled out the window, “Welcome home, Anna.” I guess what I’m trying to say is that it is good to be home and there is something to be said for small town life.

3 thoughts on “home again

  1. I read every post and devour every photo, and I’m a city mouse! Lately when I’ve been disappointed in something, I murmur Elisa’s comforting words: “The sixth-place ribbon is a lovely shade of pink.”
    It works even without sheep.
    –Wendy in Washington, D.C.

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