The fog lifted this morning and the sun is trying to make an appearance. I was hopeful enough to start laundry.

We were working on fences after breakfast. The cattle are going to move across the stream so that the piece by the house can grow back this fall. The apples and flowers grow in the space between the two pastures. The stream runs through the middle turning back and forth until it runs a bit straighter through the woods. This space is  left to grow wild but what improvement could I make?  We should have plenty of apples this year and they are very good, much better than the apples I bought last week. That should teach me to be patient.

4 thoughts on “Friday morning

  1. Hi Anna,

    I’ve only recently arrived at your blog, but it’s now entering regular rotation. I didn’t think it was possible, but your blog is only making me romanticize farm life even more. But aside from the incredibly beautiful pictures, I’ve loved your writing most. You’re a great observer. Please give Billy a hug from me. I’d give you one too if I were there.


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