I would not have guessed that taking a photograph of three adorable piglets was going to be the hardest thing I did all day. They never stop moving, except once, to eat a few bites so you get one nice view of those hams.

Then they are off.

It poured rain today and was downright cold. I really wanted a hot shower to take the chill off but I knew there was no sense in it before I had cleaned out the barn and put down new bedding. They were inside eating/napping when I went out to check on them. The new piglets are still small enough to wiggle through the gate to get over to the side of the big pigs which apparently is the place to be.  A few more days of eating and this problem will resolve itself. Meanwhile, the big pigs spend their day trying to figure out how to get through to the little pigs’ side. I’ve lived with children so I know that there is no convincing them otherwise.

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