I am reading The Bean Trees and I want to take back everything I said about Barbara Kingsolver  last week. This book is so good. I had it upstairs on the shelf for such a long time that the pages turned yellow. Not sure why I never opened it. Maybe the title didn’t grab me. In any case, it has made my week and is on my top ten list now too.

Current list that I came up with off the top of my head: Jane Eyre (love), Robinson’s Housekeeping and Gilead, The Shipping News, anything by Alice Munro, and The Last Report on the Miracles at Little No Horse. There are others, I’m sure but this is my writing-without-thinking list.

Earlier this week we watched Vickie Cristina Barcelona which we somehow missed when it came out three years ago. I had low expectations and we both really enjoyed it. I loved Penelope Cruz in Pedro Almodovar’s movies and I still do. She is so gutsy. And Javier Bardem- need I say more? Except that he scared the wits out of me in No Country For Old Men. How is it that I can forget all that and adore the sight of him now? Hmmm.

Afterwards I confirmed that Mary Ann also saw and liked the movie by checking her blog. That settles it- she has great taste in movies and books, which is another way of saying she has the same taste as me, or another way of saying we both have great taste.

Seen or read anything really good lately?

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