Slow internet led to no internet. Verizon is supposed to be here today between 8am and 7pm. Yay.

One thought on “Quiet week so far

  1. Enjoy the radio silence. I had to chime in to say that Barbara Kingsolver’s “The Bean Trees” is one of my favorite novels, as well, and means so much to me as an adoptive parent! The sequel, “Pigs in Heaven,” is not as good, but what could be? It’s still worth reading, though –sorry–it’s not about pigs or cute piglets. You and E.B. White have that field to yourself.
    One of the first Kingsolver books I read was, “The Poisonwood Bible.” Slow going at first–about a family of missionaries in Africa–but then it draws you in. It’s a good, long winter read.
    Keep writing! Easier when the Internet access is down!
    Hope you get to Bethesda soon.

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