Billy was at our neighbor’s farm all afternoon and into the night baling hay, so it was just the girls with me tonight. Before supper we walked up to the  top of our hill. Homework had been going slowly and there won’t be many more days as warm as this one. Harriet left us early to get back to work, but Elisa stayed up on the hill with me practicing her jumps in “marshmallow kingdom.” On the way back she told me that her 4H presentation this year is going to be on dandelions (“I’ve already made up my mind.”) and she has also decided that this year she is going to become “an expert on Shakespeare.” She stayed home from school today to recover from a fever, and is now perfectly well again.

3 thoughts on “sick day

  1. gorgeous! and I wish I could introduce Elisa to my mother, who is in love with Shakespeare and runs a Shakespeare camp for middle schoolers every summer in Lancaster, PA. I am sure they would enjoy each other!

    1. I would love that Meagan. We checked out Camp Will last night and Elisa said by next summer she will already know everything about Shakespeare so she might be bored. (Oh, the confidence of a ten year old!) I did some quick math and told her that it will be nine months until next June and she did give herself a year, so she will most likely still be learning. She accepted my point..

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