My father would watch for changes in the way the light slanted across our dining room during my childhood breakfasts. You know the season has changed when the girls get on the bus in the dark. The coffee is done, dishes washed, email has been checked, and still the light is on over the kitchen table.

This morning in the kitchen the girls ate and talked while I made almond butter sandwiches for later. I suggested the potatoes which I had boiled up yesterday and left waiting in the fridge which led Billy to play a Little Jimmy Dickens song for them, Take a Cold Tater and Wait. He made them bacon and fried up the potatoes instead. Then it was late (6:50am) so they ran to get their teeth brushed and stopped short because the bus was already coming down the road.

after all that when it was light enough to see, the view from the sink

2 thoughts on “kitchen

  1. So peaceful. Such a vivid morning portrait! I felt the darkness and quiet surrounding your kitchen table…someday my little ones will be big ones and the mornings – maybe – will be more like this (instead of me following Gabriel around with his shoes, while he pretends to be a superhero dashing all over the house, calling over my shoulder to Frances to brush her teeth, on and on).

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