Driving home I heard most of a Fresh Air interview with the poet Marie Howe. It was a gift sent to me from the universe and this of all days. Today is Light the Night and the day my friend returns after a long time away. I’m feeling vulnerable after finding our house in Maryland broken into and robbed.  Did you hear the interview? The first and last poems were almost more than I could bear. Here is part of one and I love that she refers to death later as the “frightening door.”

I have begun when I am weary and can’t decide an answer to a bewildering question

to ask my dead friends for their opinion

And the answer is always immediate and clear….

They stand in unison shaking their heads and smiling

Whatever leads to joy they always answer, to more life, less worry.

If love is action then I sat in my car today and moved it toward my family and our farm. The hugs in the kitchen when I got home fixed everything.

3 thoughts on “love is action

  1. Anna! I am so glad you were in a car listening to that interview too. And so sorry to read about the robbery. But talk about leading to joy…that picture is joyful.

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