For some reason*, I decided very early that 2000 was going to be the number. As in, when I have 2000 “views” on my blog, I will really be somebody (who blogs). And to be fair, since I am telling you this ridiculous information, I will also mention that I would also quickly remind myself that there are probably plenty of people who get 2000 views per day. Then blogger-me would shoot back, “Don’t rain on my parade.”

So this week, it happened and I played it cool. But inside I did a little victory dance for myself. I’m up to 2, 041 actually.

Thank you for not once pointing out a single typo. I usually find them right after I hit publish, but every once in a while it takes me a day or two. My eyes have this uncanny ability to fill in the letters and words that are in reality missing. Hmm….? I have my fingers crossed that all (< 20) of my readers have this same affliction. You certainly have been very nice to me. The kindness is contagious.

* and, I’m not proud of this

6 thoughts on “thank you x 2000

  1. Whoopee!!! I wish I could bake you a cake to celebrate your officical, bonafide bloggerhood. I, for one, am very happy you took up this project–I’m always happy when I see a new post pop up in my lblog reading list. It’s like a tiny present.

  2. Congratulations, A. I too look forward to reading your blog. It’s a nice respite from work. I had a similar Sunday, and it was terrific.

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