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Sunday afternoons are a time I’ve set aside when I give myself permission to take a nap or have a long soak, and if I fall asleep in the tub then I guess I get both.

I am reading a good book I got from my dad who heard about it from my uncle Bo who is a doctor and apparently knows some of the characters in the book. It is called The Spirit Catches You and You Fall Down. Billy read it last week and really liked it too. I haven’t finished but I’m ready to recommend it. The book looks closely at how the American healthcare system has difficulty treating patients from very different cultures. After my long and awful experience with doctors (not Bo), I feel sympathetic toward the patients. I have left so many appointments feeling as if there was a disconnect between the words I said and the words the doctors heard.  (Vague blood test results are a medical nightmare.) Imagine if you can’t speak English. Billy is much more practical and argues that the doctors do often have big egos and can be judgmental but that the doctors in the book have valid frustrations in trying to treat patients who won’t follow their advice.  Interesting, don’t you think?

. . . . .

This weekend flew by too quickly. The weather was grey and damp and once the snow melted, it was muddy too. I did get to sit by the fire Saturday afternoon with Billy and a friend and drink coffee and talk. That was nice. Elisa went to a friend’s house to spend the night and Harriet stayed home and baked two cakes, a batch of cupcakes with frosting and sprinkles, and a batch of muffins. In a few days they will be chicken treats unless I can get her to put a few in the freezer. They are both up now with Billy getting a bedtime story. I have to put a few finishing touches on Halloween costumes and then I’m heading right up to my pillow to finish the nap I started earlier.

3 thoughts on “weekend

  1. Anna, I am 2/3 through The Spirit Catches You and You Fall Down right now! I wish we could sit by the fire and talk about it. I find it incredibly moving, tragic at times, almost always compelling. Such a finely researched and reported book. Next on my list: a book called Field Work, recommended by a visiting lecturer at St. John’s who convinced me I will love it. What’s next on yours?

    1. Next on mine is The Dirty Life, recommended by Emily’s friend and business partner Mary. She said though she is not a farmer she found it interesting to think about working in a field you believe in (in her case making documentaries) though the pay is awful and the line where it just becomes plain crazy. I find this compelling at the moment….And the Spirit book is great. Billy and I keep going back and forth about it. Maybe we should start a book club.

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