. . . . .

While I made dinner I sent the girls out to get a little sun; they took turns with the camera and came back with the photos you see here.

. . . . .

Billy and I were out earlier in the afternoon to cut burdock that grew along the stone pile at the edge of a  pasture and burn it in piles. He laughed a little grimly and hoped the heat wasn’t the germination trigger. We want to move the livestock further up the hill to a fresh piece of grass and if we don’t cut the burdock out first the animals’ coats will be covered, as I was today. Every few minutes I had to let Billy pull them out of my hair and off my back. Itchy work.

In the morning I went into the city to buy a bag of rice, ginger, greens and red bean mochi. Mostly this week, because I am at home, I’m enjoying the quiet routine again. It feels good to make dinner and to do the laundry and read in my own bed at the end of the day. Having my friend at home and sitting with her in the kitchen drinking coffee makes more of a difference than I realized. I didn’t realize how tired I was becoming of talking to myself. Yesterday, I was still tired; the longer we talked the more I felt myself relax into old habits and remember what I love.

. . . . .

Billy is done reading to the girls and it is my turn to go up and give hugs and tuck the covers in tightly.

Hope you are all having a happy week.

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