There is no reason to write today which is why I am going to do it anyway. This morning I went to work but before I left I came down from my shower to find Billy on the phone. He hung up and sat quietly looking concerned. His sister A.  called to say the robbers had come back to our house in Maryland. This time they broke a window and took the copper pipes in the basement, without turning the water off first. The basement flooded.  We talked and planned; then I left. It was a slow work day unfortunately which left me time to think about what the teenagers with stretched ear lobes will look like when they are my age, or older. When I got home and had answered a few phone calls and checked messages, we all left together to get supplies for tomorrow’s projects and deliver the pork that Billy had gotten from the butcher’s this afternoon. I picked up a pack of new pens. Last week I borrowed a friend’s pen for a moment and remembered how much I love a good pen. It was getting late so we stopped for some supper at Garcia’s. The best part of my day was sitting at that round table listening to the girls tell stories about school and really listening because I wasn’t distracted by my own kitchen.

It’s cold tonight. I’m in the kitchen now and my left arm is warm because the cat is sleeping on it as I type. I think she loves me best lately. At night she sleeps with her nose pressed against mine. Is that not true love? I ask Billy and he makes a comment under his breath about cats sucking the life out of people, which makes me laugh. Is that not true love?

4 thoughts on “I wish I posted every single day

  1. This is a wonderful post– this post you wrote when you had no reason to write. Though the news about the robbers is not wonderful. I just bought a pack of pens too–four of them, as a present to myself! I was so excited that I took a photo of them to post and I will.

  2. First, I’m amazed how calm you are, generally, given all that’s happening. Whenever you post, it is special–don’t let it feel like homework every night! Especially if it’s about true love!
    I’m sorry your house was broken into. For copper pipes. Sheesh. I wonder if they will ever catch the burglars, and if so, what, if anything, you’d like to happen to them.
    We could hope that they would join my older brother, Mark, who is swimming with sharks in the Indian Ocean over Thanksgiving (for a special on National Geographic). It’s a paycheck, but I think whoever stole your copper pipes and flooded your basement would think twice about doing it again if they had to meet a shark. AND bail your basement.
    Hugs to all, in NY and Maryland,

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