This morning I roasted a turkey covered in lemon juice, garlic and herbs and started a new pot of cranberry sauce, for us, so that we too can make those amazing sandwiches made from “left-overs”. A bite of turkey pulled off the bone while it is still cooling on the counter and dipped in the cranberry is my version of heaven. Sandy read to us on Thursday, “this is the one time of year that Americans eat better than the French.” This morning she sent me an email and signed it: “sandy (available for weddings, bar mitzvahs, thanksgiving and Christmas celebrations!)” I love it and may have to borrow that line.

Otherwise, enjoying the quiet today.

. . . . .

Elisa just came in miserable. She touched a prickly plant and it still hurts; the turkey is ready and when I mention this, she forgets all about her hand.

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