• It is pizza night! The wood stove oven is at a nice five hundred degrees and the kitchen is toasty.
  • We aren’t eating at the table but in the comfy chairs
  • Harriet got mixed up and made ginger root pizza (uh,  it was supposed to be garlic) She has offered everyone a taste and we have kindly declined.
  • Elisa is reading the Haba price list because it was the closest thing she could reach when she sat down. She takes reading obsession to a new level.
  • Billy is reading Patsy Cline liner notes (that’s where Elisa gets it)
  •  “The only difference, the only thing new, I’ve got these little things, she’s got you...” If you are anything like me,  you are singing along into the bamboo rice spoon.  Happy Friday night everyone.

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