Wednesday, January 4, 1886

My dear friends:

Your very interesting letter has remained unanswered a long time- and I can only offer you the same apology as heretofore “want of time”. After your missive was ree’d we took our vacation- were gone one month-and since our return- I have been more than busy. We have the same trouble herein regard to Servants that is experienced everywhere at present and I am tired generally after the days duties are accomplished- that I cannot sit down to write a respectable letter. My hand shakes and my thoughts are not very bright. This evening I will try to write you a short letter- hoping you will at least deem it worthy a reply: for we always like to hear from you. My Mother and Brother are with us this winter. Will is learning telegraphy and we could not think of Mother living in a large house alone so she consented to be with us until Will finishes his business. Willie is growing physically and mentally. You would not know him- I am sure. He is an incessant talker- (which he takes from his Papa) and he says some very droll things. He goes to Mission Band every month, and repeats a verse of scripture at each meeting. He is very fond of having me read to him-and before we know it- he repeats what I have read. We have to be careful what we read, and how much. We made him a Xmas tree this year, and he was perfectly delighted. His large brown eyes grew larger and larger as he took everything in. We miss our dear little Linn very much. Each day it seems harder to realize our Baby is not with us- and our hearts yearn for a sight of his bright face. But we know he is very happy in Heaven- he is free from pain and sorrow and we cannot wish him back in this world of trial and struggle- nevertheless, we miss him, and we love to think and talk about him as he was this time last year- so bright and winning!!

My dear Carrie and Annie- you do not know how glad we were to hear of the step you have taken in uniting with the Church. We were not surprised- for with the Parents and their training you have, we expected such would be your desire some day in the near future. And we are glad to know that their hearts are rejoicing in the feeling that their prayers have been answered- and their desires fulfilled. Now my dear little friends (for I cannot think of you as anything else) our prayer is that you may not only be members of the Ch.- but that you may be workers also in the Master’s Vineyard. Always try to please your Heavenly Father- ask yourselves if He will approve of your actions and desires before you do them- then you may be sure you will do what is right. I know you are both conscientious- and I believe you will try to walk in the right way. And now a word for dear Hattie! We hope to hear the same of you soon. Sisters Carrie and Annie will do all they can to influence their younger Sister- Papa and Mama will pray for Hattie and God’s Spirit will work in her heart- so that she will yield herself to Christ in His own time.

How I would love to see you all! I was very much disappointed last summer in not getting to Harford!- But it was ordered otherwise- and probably we can go at some other time. Give our love to your Aunties when you see them and to all inquiring friends. Mr K. joins me in love to your Parents and your own dear selves.

Please write soon

Affectionately yours

Friend- L.G. Kieffer

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