I have such high hopes for tomorrow, a day to work at home (mostly), that it has made tonight feel like a Friday night. The girls were at their piano lesson when I got home so instead of all the talking and telling them to get to homework, I got to put on a clean tablecloth, collect up the newspapers, and make the cookies I’ve been meaning to bake since Sunday.





3 thoughts on “being merry

  1. do you call them Mexican wedding cookies? I make them from time to time but they don’t go to the people I plan to give them to ~ one of those mysteries of life. Every culture, it seems, has this delicious cookie.

    1. we call them Russian tea cakes but they are exactly the same as m.w.c, and my favorite. I had to make them gluten free and they aren’t quite as good but near enough to make me happy. Who gets yours?

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