The world is full of wonderfulness. Maybe you’ve noticed.

. . . . .

i.Is this not a beautiful pen? Thank you Wendy. I love it.

 ii. Even in a place as unlikely as the mall, there is a world within a world and I have made new friends. Today I got this letter:

*Beste Anna

Hier is dan een kort briefje in de Nederlandse
taal.Ik hoop dat je het kunt lezen.
Het was fijn om met jou te spreken in de HABA
winkel in de carousel mall.
Groetjes aan jou en je man
T. en F.


iii. On my friend Meagan’s blog, Homemade Time , she shared a  video and I’ve watched it more times than I can count. Lil Buck, you are a wonder.


3 thoughts on “on the fourth day of Christmas

  1. The pen is not as beautiful as what you write!
    Love the Christmas photos and spirit.
    In the meantime, I am here at work in a quiet office. All is calm, but I’d rather be eating some of that chocolate peppermint cake. And then, ice skating.
    Happy New Year to all! Love, Wendy

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