Inspired by Woody Guthrie, I decided this year to make a list of resolutions too.

1. Work hard but take a break sometimes

2. Don’t be afraid to make time for a break on the schedule

3. Keep brushing teeth and floss more often

4. Take a bath or shower

5. Eat well

6. Have as little sugar as possible without being socially rude or without missing something truly special

7. Write everyday

8. Wear clean clothes- look good

9. Clean mud off boots more often

10. Wear socks without holes, usually

11. Change sheets often

12. Read lots of good books

13. Listen to Terry Gross whenever possible

14. Spend more time really getting to know people

15. Keep house clean

16. Hang out with Harriet and Elisa for fun

17. Try not to worry

18. Keep dreaming of a better future

19. Sleep

20. Make money

21. Make enough to save some

22. Make plans to travel

23. Take care of family and animals and farm

24. Paint pictures

25. Walk everyday

26. Tell people really what you think more often

27. Mail one package at the post office

28. Paint some of the house and fix things

29. Plant a tree in the yard

30. Help somebody, if they want help

31. Love everybody

32. Be strong

33. Wake up and fight

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