Oh, I’m a lucky girl. I am actually getting paid to play games all day and then write about why they are so fantastic (and they are Haba games so it isn’t even a stretch). And the very best part is that there are aspects of the job which are actually difficult so I never get bored. It has been unreal. I’m not sure how I going to adjust to regular old life again.  By the way, my boss said today that I now know (probably) more about Haba games than anyone in the USA. Feel free to ask me anything in the comment section; I’m on a roll.

And, as if the message weren’t clear enough, I read a poem here, that feels like a love poem from the universe.

Followed by this post. Yes, lots of things are going right. The wind has died down and my favorite ewe, Rhonda, had twins- one ram and one ewe lamb. 58 days left until B gets home. I could go on.

. . . . .

For some reason Harriet had a little less homework tonight and actually finished it a few minutes after supper. That hasn’t happened in a long time. I had brought home a game from work; it was the one board game this week that I was having trouble understanding, even after really studying the directions. I thought if we just played a few rounds it would all make sense, so we did play instead of stories tonight, sitting around on the floor upstairs until we realized it was past bedtime. Billy beat Elisa by one point and I didn’t stand  a chance. Whenever there was an opportunity to steal cards, the girls never touched Billy’s . I heard Harriet whispering to Elisa, “Don’t take papa’s. He bought us Oreo cookies and chips this weekend.”

Hope your week is going well too.



6 thoughts on “Do you love this world?

  1. I loved reading about your delightful job. (And also the poem and Meagan’s post!)

    p.s. Harriet and Elisa and the card-stealing cracked me up.

  2. Anna, sitting here smiling, just read “Wild Geese” two nights ago from a poetry book Mark gave me. Serendipity…

  3. As usual, I love your posts Anna. I confess that I do NOT love the world of board games, but I do admit that yours look pretty classy. I played quite a few with some <6 year olds at Thanksgiving, and my interest level flagged within 10 minutes. But I would happily put my anti-board game bias in check if I could play with you guys. And I wouldn't give Billy a free pass on the card stealing!

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