I’m just waiting for the girls get into bed now, so I can do the same and I might not make it that long…. Billy is reading Mark Twain to them. The part about turnips and trees is making them laugh.

So tired tonight.

Crazy dreams last night might have had something to do with it.

(I mention it because the way this blog thing seems to work is we all realize we are dealing with the same stuff. Or maybe not and that’s fine.)

I called my parents today and my mother thinks I might have a hidden camera in their apartment. She said that on the day I posted the berry cobbler recipe she had just made one, and the day I mentioned the herb cream cheese she had just made herb butter.

A supper (we had leftovers) the girls were distressed that we don’t have television and that they will miss the Super Bowl ads and not know what everyone is talking about at school the next day. I had the brilliant idea  that we skype my parents during the game and watch the game ads on our laptop. They were dubious. Something else to discuss with your future therapist, is our usual line.

Speaking of TV, I have learned the hard way that I can not watch Parks and Recreation and attempt to eat or drink anything.

No camera for me today. Harriet took it on the bus to show her friend the video she made of our pig who snores very dramatically.

Speaking of dramatic, check out Gilla yawning  while I write….

Isn’t she cute?

Okay, off to bed. Good night.

4 thoughts on “Billy and I got a lot of work done today and now I am tired

  1. Things are very grey here and getting colder. Snow tonight maybe. Henry, Sam and David have the Fielders old tractor torn apart and are fussing with each other about fixing it. It is humorous to watch, but I can only stand about 10 minutes of it…..Life goes on.

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