Not all weeks are created equal and this was a hard one. Our sheep did die and so did our neighbor’s steer. The skid loader broke in the middle of the road and our truck was in the shop. I found a cracked beam in the barn. It was finally cold enough to drive in the farm lane and we needed our trailer to haul metal but our neighbor was borrowing it and his truck was broken so we couldn’t get it back. You know this kind of week? It is best to just wait it out. In the meantime, I put aside big knitting projects and knit something quick, with soft yellow wool for immediate satisfaction. I remembered to put lotion on my elbows and clean the toothpaste out of the bathroom sink because the small things count. Long walks are always good. So is spoiling children. After the girls’ piano lesson yesterday we stopped at the gas station and bought three cans of SanPellegrino Limonata to sip on the drive home . I brought out the crock pot for bean soup with a ham hock and let dinner make itself.  And the best thing I did all week was watch my favorite romantic comedy, Much Ado About Nothing .  (Sigh no more, Sigh no more… be you blithe and bonny). The entire cast is brilliant,  it’s filmed in southern Italy during a hot  summer. What could possibly be better?

Finally it is Friday and things are slowly getting back to normal. We had another warm and muddy day. The sun came out a little in the morning.  Billy and I worked outside for most of the day and got filthy dirty. The lambs have fresh bedding, everyone is fed and watered. Lots of metal is going to the scrap yard soon (the truck and skid loader are both back and running).  One of the chickens gave us a teeny tiny egg today which the girls will like. And then after the girls got home from school, the weather changed, the snow started, and now the whole farm is white.

5 thoughts on “hey nonny nonny

    1. Yes, I’m sure it will too. The sheep are ready to be shorn now but it won’t happen until spring. Sometimes we can sell the wool for a little and sometimes we use it as garden mulch. It all depends how much wool is on the market from Australia. Our sheep are bred for meat so the wool isn’t nice enough to spin but it would make good batting for quilts.

  1. some weeks are like that! limonata and romantic comedies sure do help…and the smell of bean soup simmering…wishing you a much better stretch next week, Anna.

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