Somehow, Billy was able to take our old rusty trailer which we’ve spent the last week filling with scrap metal, and load it on to our flat-bed trailer. The two trailers are the exact same width. In this photo the two were stuck  and getting  any further seemed impossible. He used the tractor with the front end loader to lift the trailer a little with heavy chains, then used the skid loader from behind to push it forward a little, all the while working in a tight spot on the edge of a bank in the pouring rain. I had to leave in the afternoon and I could only say, “Please, be careful,”  and called our neighbor to come and help him. It took a long time but they did it.

the drive home

a few escapees in the garden

The last feeding for the day and it was still light.

Then we headed back to town for Soup Supper. I do love Lent.

4 thoughts on “here we are

  1. Beautiful pictures. I can recall (fondly) how that weather must feel, but there’s a deep humidity here in New Orleans today that often precedes the rain and it’s hard to bridge the disconnect in the two climates. About the only similarity is the gray skies. Please say hi to Billy for me. Where does all the scrap metal go, by the way?

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