We keep filling up the hay racks, topping off the water and putting out fresh bedding so the lambs have a dry place to rest out of the wind. Everyday, lots of trips are made to the barn to check on things. The older lambs, three weeks or older, are going through their preteen phase. They are still small enough to fit through the gates and in little groups will venture away from their mothers and go nibbling through the garden or running in circles through the yard.

I’m taking full advantage of a couple of colder days to indulged in my favorite winter activities. Inside, I’m reading about honey bees and going through last year’s seed packets to figure out what I still need to order.  I even got out the graph paper last night to draw a few plans ( pure pleasure). Our supplies of tomatoes and frozen berries are already getting low so once again the garden will have to expand. It is so easy to say in February. Meanwhile, my parents stopped here en route to Baltimore and left fresh vegetables from their garden in California! Yesterday, we had roasted kale that was such a dark green it was almost a deep blue and tonight we had crunchy asparagus. I’ve had my proper winter evenings: planning, eating  bowls of popcorn, playing cards after supper. The new chicks will be here in a few days and then spring can come along any time.

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