This past week has been a whirlwind. I haven’t heard the news or responded to emails. I’m afraid to ask if anything big has happened. My parents sold their house in record time and as a result had a few days to empty it. And as my dad said, “the house is a museum of memories.” Having us all there again for a long weekend, working and sleeping in those familiar rooms, it was hard to believe that the house isn’t a living breathing member of our family. The woman who bought the house is wonderful. The house could not have gone to a nicer person. That does makes it easier.

She will be the third owner since the house was built in the early 20’s. My parents bought it 34 years ago from the son of the original owner, Mrs Williams, a long time widow who had been sleeping in a hospital bed in the dining room, with around-the-clock care. Her wallpaper still hangs in the closet upstairs. We left a few artifacts. In the basement is our old chalk board where we drew lots of pictures and learned math, there is the brass plate that says “First Mate,” I gave my brother one year for Christmas, and also a Baltimore Zoo bumper sticker on a basement closet door from the days when my dad took us there every Sunday.

My parents are safely back in California and I have nearly sorted the boxes that are in my dining room here. Nearly. It is a little scary up there but it is one room. The work outside is busy too so I may ignore that part of the house until we get a rainy day. And when I need to head to the city for groceries there will be a big drop-off at the Salvation Army.

Photo taken by Hank Topper- notice the Winter Jasmine blooming in front…

. . . . .

Last night, we watched a movie and it was so good that Elisa cried with happiness at the end (girl after my own heart!), we had our homemade pizza, and went to bed early. The girls slept very late this morning which does my heart good. Billy and I got up and surveyed the damage from the tremendous wind last night- surprisingly, not too bad. We loaded up pigs and a lamb to go to the butcher and fed and bedded everyone. Now the girls are up too. Having finished the last of my uncle Peter’s muffins, they are busy with projects- Elisa is working on a book report for school and Harriet is making her self some new shorts. A very normal, quiet Saturday, which is my favorite and just what we all needed.

. . . . .

I forgot to mention that we seem to be a good month ahead of schedule here. Spring is definitely in the air and it is March. The mud is intense and the light is amazing. Most importantly, this is the month my friend B comes home. I made Pasta with Lemon Cream sauce and salad this week and it is all I want to eat. It is from California Fresh of course.

Happy weekend!

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