As a shopper I feel as if I’m a bit of a farmers’ market pro.  I grew up in Baltimore and the best market I’ve ever been to was just a couple of minutes from our house and most Saturdays we went to get bread and vegetables for the week, and often flowers because they were too pretty to resist. This week I found out I have been approved to have my very own table at a market in a great little town just south of here. Opening day is tomorrow and today I have last-minute jitters as if tomorrow were the first day of school. What should I wear? Will I make any friends? What if I get lost and forget something important? Which reminds me!!! I had better go and get  change from the bank.

6 thoughts on “#27

  1. Still no camera but I’ll write about what happens and if I make gobs of money I’ll buy a camera. Linda, right in the middle. Oh, and we will sell meat, eggs and some produce. Mostly meat.

    1. Just to echo the congratulations above! The relationships between the farmers and their customers at the Dupont Circle market were poor–very country mice/city mice. In Bethesda, people are MUCH nicer to each other–we know we’d starve without you, and the farmers know that they can charge us high prices, because we live in freakin’ Bethesda where the very air is expensive. I hope your customers are courteous and the experience is worth your time and money! Especially money! –Your friend, the city mouse

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