As far as I can tell the first day at market went well. We have a few glitches to work out with the set-up but I was expecting that. And what a nice group of people, both the vendors and the shoppers. There is lots of smiling and chitchatting. One of the rules of this market is that everyone has to start selling at the same time and they blow an actual horn to start things off. Just before that time a woman rode up on her bike, said “rhubarb,” and was reaching into her pocket to pull out money. I had to explain that I could not sell it to her yet. Sadly, she hopped back on her bike a rode away and for a while I worried she might be my only customer for the day. But in a little while Billy and the girls showed up and sales picked up too. Selling meat these days has its own challenges. Only once that I noticed, a woman walked by and smiled at me,  saw the sign, let out a small sigh of dismay and then had to look back to see what a monster looked like (that would be me). I do wish I had a camera. Someone from the local paper almost took our picture but it was during a slow time and he wanted to see a bit more action. So close. Oh well.

7 thoughts on “report

  1. Dutchhill! You’ve GOT to get a camera. Beg, borrow, or steal one. You’re a natural photographer and for you not to have a camera!!! … All right, I’ll stop whining. I’m picturing you over there between the electrical pole and the route sign. You’re standing behind a mountain of meat with your bloody fang hanging out ready to clobber somebody, anybody with a big stalk of rhubarb.

    1. Girls are wondering why I’m laughing….Yes, that picture you paint pretty much sums it up. No camera needed apparently but I do want one badly. It has been painful not being able to take pictures.

  2. Looking forward to pictures of those weird vegetarians and vegans, with their hostility to shoe leather. Soon to be a motion picture.
    Hope you made some money and found the experience worthwhile…–W

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