The light is both blue and golden and if I had a camera I would show you the red clay pots sitting in the sun or Elisa at the kitchen table playing cards with Billy while he cooks supper. It has been a busy week. Yesterday I looked at my hands and realized after days and days of planting that they looked rough and had a greenish tint that wouldn’t wash off. Green thumbs, really! I probably would also take photos of the corn coming up and rows of spinach. Never mind that my house is a mess most of the week because we head in only occasionally for drinks and to make phone calls about sheep for sale, and phone calls to the butcher about dates in June and are too tired to give much thought to the dirt we track in on our clothes and boots. In a couple more days it will be time to just sit back and watch things grow unless we move right into haying which is likely.

. . . . .

Working with what I’ve got. Garden scenes, taken with broken camera. Interesting or desperate? What do you think?

Happy Weekend everyone!

5 thoughts on “weekend

  1. Scary science fiction on Dutch Hill Farm! What will grow next in the Fingerlakes region? The mild-mannered, card-playing family sets out to solve the mystery….–Wendy in Washington, which can also seem scary, but in different ways

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