The day started out in a rush. On the drive home from the bank, and with more milk for these girls, I heard part of a story on the radio about how stressed mothers/families are these days. Yeah. My trick for coping, when I have time,  is to wash the dishes, sweep the floor, and put the laundry away. It usually helps. Coffee with friends also helps. Thank goodness for friends.

4 thoughts on “This is how our day ended

  1. Haven’t done the dishes in days. Laundry is once a week. And I have just one little silly girl (who covered her face in toothpaste last night). If the Mom who wrote an article for the Atlantic on how little time she had with her children (picked up by NPR) had time to write the article and be interviewed on NPR, then she is not stressed out. How is her livestock faring, I wonder?

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