It was a long work day, made longer by intense heat. Harriet and I worked together in Ithaca. She prefers to stay busy too. But when we got home in middle of the afternoon I needed to go up and sleep under a fan for a half an hour and she lay down on the couch with her book and didn’t budge for a long time. After the little nap and a bowl of squid with garlic and pasta,  I felt better. Dishes should have been washed  but the kitchen was an oven so I left those alone and watered the garden instead, picked off more potato bugs, checked the animals and chased off the Barred Rock who eats my orange Begonia, has left it a pathetic stump and still comes back for more. Finally, I got out the camera. Here are  thirteen pictures. (If pictures are therapy what does that tell you about my day? It does work!)

Elisa was talking and talking well after nine o’clock and I had to tell her I was done. “If Barack Obama walked in the door right now and wanted to visit, I would  say to him, ‘thanks for stopping by but, I’m done’. I can’t say one more thing to anyone today.” She is eleven so, of course, wanted to have a conversation with me about how that couldn’t possibly be true.

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