the lows:

Almost three weeks ago, after stopping to visit family in Pa. I came home with two deer ticks. One I found the first day attached to my leg but not buried in yet and a second  I found on the back of my leg two days later. So it has been on my mind but not too much. Then a few days ago I got a rash at each of the sites and a few itchy bumps in new spots. It must have happened on a busy market day because I didn’t think about it the way I should have. Mostly I’ve been tired because I haven’t slept well lately. Last night I should have been exhausted but I was wide awake feeling miserable, with achy joints and a terrible headache. That got my attention. Time to play it safe and get some antibiotics I decided at about 1:30 am.  It was a hard night and a hard morning. Once I had gotten dressed and swallowed some Advil I sat down at my desk to call the butcher and get the appointment set for next week and felt even sicker when I heard, “Oh, my wife and I decided to go on vacation for the rest of the summer. I told you that. No? Well then I told your husband.”

No, he did not.  Not a mention of it and I saw him two weeks ago. He is so fired. Harriet and Elisa walked through and I looked at them in despair and said, “Can you guys be on your own for a while because I’m having an emergency?” So I was on the phone all day, at least it felt like it.

the highs ( this is the important part):

I may have solved the butchering problem after all.

The girls got their hens ready for the Fair tomorrow without any help from me and are ready.

Between phone calls, while trying to process lots of new information I got a lot of laundry done.

Tonight we have a new lamb in the barn yard. A single (so far) but big and healthy.

And our first calf of the year was born in the late afternoon. He is named #48, is super cute, and has a nice back leg.


So not such a bad day by the end though this headache is getting old. Tomorrow I get medicine for me.


7 thoughts on “highs and lows

  1. Please let your faithful readers know how things go at the doctor’s. And good luck to all the animals, especially those going to the fair!
    Naomi has a big red circular rash and I was sure it Lyme, but it’s ringworm. A fungus. Sounds gross but is not that much of a bother to deal with.
    Ah, the great outdoors. So full of tiny dangers.

    1. Don’t know actually. It is a Fair day so all adrenaline- but fine, really! Did find out the nurse practitioner I really like just retired which makes things a bit more complicated. I can get an appointment next week at a new place.

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