Showing pigs

First a little food,

then the pre show scrub.

Popcorn was sweet enough to lie down while Elisa cleaned his feet.

Just before it started, the girls were dressed and waiting, and their pigs fell sound asleep because it was noon.

In the ring! First competition was in Showmanship. This group is the Jr. class, and all three are from Tully which was pretty cool. Wish I had a better photo of the judge’s bejeweled belt.

Some of the crowd there watching on the side were brand new people we were especially happy to meet.



and Elisa with their Berkshires.

And it is all over too quickly.

7 thoughts on “more Fair

    1. cpr, they did great! Lots of blue ribbons though it wasn’t their year for trophies which is just fine. Our pullet named Ruby won champion American breed and Harriet’s ewe lamb was reserve champion. We learned lots which is the fun part.

  1. I am catching up!! Anna, what triumphs! Or at least, it seems to me. Popcorn the pig. Could there be a finer animal, or a better-named one?

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