3 thoughts on “NYC

  1. Hey Anna! does this mean you are out and about again? hope all your travels went well. I have a friend here in LA who wants to send her dad some of your sausage and he lives in NYC……how would I help set that up? is there somewhere one can order it from? xxxx hope all are well! xxx

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    1. Hi Berta, Yes, one fixed, one almost fixed and one left still to fix- we are getting there slowly. I just took a quick trip to NYC to sell meat. I may be able to go again soon depending on how many orders I get. If you give your friend my email and she writes to me I can send her the details. Thanks! (PS, mailing it is v. expensive but that is a possibility also).
      Also we are listed on localharvest.org under Dutch Hill Farm (in Tully).

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