We are still getting used to the new routine. Over the summer I had forgotten how the girls’ homework has a way of swallowing the evening whole. Meanwhile all around us the colors are changing, the air is chilly enough for blankets and sweaters, and the hens have begun to molt. It rained, on and off most of the day, and it is coming too late to save this year but it is welcomed just the same. I took the long drive to the butcher shop, listening to The Sound and the Fury on CD, and came home just in time to unload coolers and fill others before heading out again to a farmers’ market in town. Never mind that I was the only one to show up (apparently everyone else took the tornado warning seriously) and  only had one customer. It didn’t rain or blow. I got some work done that I had tucked in my bag and came home early.

with my favorite flowers

it was a very good mail day: 1 yarn catalog, 1 new issue of Taproot (best one yet), and a great letter from my sister-in-law

and I’m thinking it is almost time to make a pumpkin pie.

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  1. This post,like so many others of your posts, makes me want to become a farmer. Then I remember that I don’t know how to farm. But other than that, I’m with you.
    –Wendy in Washington

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