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How did Thursday come along so quickly? I am outside working most of the day and then asleep for what feels like a moment before we begin again. The mornings are dark for a long time now and we have lit the stove in the kitchen so outside smells like wood smoke and wet maple leaves. I suppose it’s natural that winter that is on my mind. I want the animals to eat and then eat some more so they have some extra reserves this winter. People are saying it is going to be a bitter one.

The next two days I am working at markets. We will dress for wind, drink our coffee, and talk about things between customers but really we all want to be back at our farms as quickly as possible, working on our lists and doing  jobs that will be impossible once we’re wearing the mittens we’ll need soon enough.

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    1. Hi Linda, yes those are both Penny.
      At today’s market we had sleet (!) and a new couple has just starting showing up as vendors. Friendly, but they also sell lamb only at much cheaper prices.
      Grrrr.-Hello hobby farmers: undercutting is not cool. ( have to learn everything first hand this year I guess.) Well, hopefully tomorrow will be better.

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