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I decided today that October has got to be the busiest month. Somehow, it just is. Being busy is good and having some time to think about non-work things is even better.

A Non-Work List for October that is Short and Sweet

1. I have been reading Alice Monro’s Too Much Happiness

2. The library in Homer bought a copy of A Separation. I borrowed it, loved it, and returned it.

3. Knitting again, lots of little things. Can’t seem to stop.

4. Elisa tried out for the school play which involved singing a solo on stage for the auditions and was declared THE-official- bravest- person- in-our- family. Yesterday she told us that the worst part she could get would be the “snake butt”. Today she found out that she is snake #5, or as she refers to it,  the snake butt, and she is okay with it. She is brave and flexible. What a girl!

5. Most important news of all is that this afternoon my nephew was born.

2 thoughts on “Friday happiness

  1. Congratulations on all counts! Welcome to your lucky nephew. Elisa can handle his singing and acting auditions. I love her attitude about becoming the snake behind (or the importance of Bringing Up the Rear).
    I’m still pondering the end of “A Separation.” A powerful, troubling movie. Loved the language discussion between the father and the daughter, when he wanted her to learn the Farsi (Persian) words for things but her teacher wanted her to use the French or Arabic words. Whom should she please: her teacher, who gives the grades, or her father, who gives her her identity and home? Just one of the many decisions this daughter faces. Thanks for focusing on happiness!
    –Wendy in Washington

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