First Saturday at home in a long time.

. . . . .

“If every day were like this one I would be happy.” Let’s assume she meant “happier.” Today was different because I didn’t have to go to a market and the girls thought it was the first time since June that they had a wide open day. In the morning they went with Billy to pick up our new horned dorset ram, then came home and cut the grass which turned into raking huge piles of leaves right in front of the swing. That’s what I found them up to when I pulled into the driveway. My laptop was in the yard too blasting Pandora while they worked. At lunch they sat in the kitchen eating tiny carrots and cheese and watched a Dutch movie called Miss Minoes while I worked on the breakfast dishes. From the kitchen window we could see the new ram following the ewes attentively. Later we headed back out to finish the mowing, to plant more garlic, to collect the eggs, and to jump in the leaf piles a few more times.  It is unseasonably warm which we are told is about to come to a rapid end. Besides the wind and rain there may be wet snow coming our way too. The leaves are all off the trees which should help if we do get this storm.

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