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This morning at the market in Ithaca we asked each other about our past week. There was talk about the storm that’s coming, we talked about our plans for work this winter, and about the election. Earlier in the week we had a couple of  foggy days and my kids were under the weather so I shifted gears and took care of things that did not involve making money. This week, I told them, I  folded socks and actually put them in drawers. We all had clean sheets, at the same time.

Tonight, I got the news about school in the barn. While I finished milking they lingered and I got to hear about the lunch detention, and who on the bus is getting bullied; who has a birthday party, and about Egyptian hieroglyphs.

Billy worked on top of the hill until it was almost dark. After a lot of digging and a few repairs, he has the spring on top of the hill running again for the cows. He and I figured out the weekend schedule quickly while he cooked dinner. Everything we do this weekend is good but I’m glad I get to sleep first because the list is long.

Happy Friday Night

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