Most days now I have to write out a list in the morning. I’m milking at nine and nine this week because of meetings in the evenings. And besides homework, of which there is more than enough, the girls have Lego League, piano lessons, drama, International Club, Interact, and chorus. Maybe more and I’m just not remembering it right now. Last night on the way home from a meeting, Elisa was tired. It was her bedtime and she hadn’t been home since 6:50 that morning. We stopped at a coffee shop on the way home  for a little comfort- coffee for me and chai tea decaf for Elisa. The man working there told us anything for Elisa was on the house so she picked a donut too and he asked, “One or two?” She looked at me bewildered and he told us he was in a good mood and was celebrating. I asked what the occasion was and congratulated him when he said his daughter was getting married on the weekend. Then more spilled out. A week ago his mom died, he had held her hand and told us her last words. Only one of his six sisters came to the funeral. He had inherited her photo albums, had found out about his daughter’s wedding three days ago, and he lived with his parents (“no”, with teary eyes,”I have to keep reminding myself it is just dad now.”) He had lost his job last year and now worked in a coffee shop. There was more. We got home late.

Does this sort of thing happen in your life on a regular basis? It does in mine. Often I’m late.

2 thoughts on “life

  1. Anna, your posts are wonderful and sometimes I just don’t know what to say … The last post for instance.

    And this post …This kind of thing does happen to me, but I think it happens to you LOTS more!

    p.s. are you really meeting msmasmush for dinner tonight?

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