part i

memorable dinner @ FARMiCiA with Ginger, who in this photo has magically pulled a disappearing act, and m.a.

. . . . .

part ii


. . . . .

part iii


. . . . .

part iv

coffee, a phone call home to say hi, and then I’m back to work

3 thoughts on “city of love

  1. SeaCousin is too nice- tell Blogmaid thank you. It was wonderful having dinner with you. I was expecting to have a good visit but not expecting such a delicious dinner. I walked around for another hour afterwards and decided Philadelphia is my new favorite city. It is the perfect combination of old and new. And in all that time that I walked downtown I didn’t see one person texting or talking on a cell phone while they walked. Two beggars asked for pennies, as if we were in a Dickins novel!

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