the carpenter’s dog


the destruction

a new low- toilet is in the front yard

Mark waits while Bob measures

. . . . .

I’m in Maryland this week working on Aunt Josie’s house. Bob is really doing the work while I try to be helpful and buy what he needs. Everything is measured more than once, actually more than twenty times, so it will be perfect. I am learning a lot by watching. Also it is dusty, Bob smokes Camels, and he describes most people, pieces of wood and nails that drop as “son’bitches.” He’s a good guy. His dad had been an iron worker and had died young from exposure to asbestos on the job but had also worked on bridges and a couple of towers at Camp David. This is also The BOB that certain Dallam children onced believed was the actual tooth fairy so he is a bit of a legend.

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