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Originally I was going to stay at home alone this Thanksgiving to milk Penny and feed the animals. Yesterday Billy realized he wasn’t going to finish picking the corn in time. Rain is due on Friday so there is some pressure to be done. This  late in the season may mean today was the last chance of the year. He stayed at the farm and I drove with the girls to Maryland, where the Dallams and the Leibowitzes have shared Thanksgiving for forty years. I don’t have to tell him too much about our day because he already knows. It doesn’t change in any way that is significant and that is a good thing.

Our Thanksgiving was quiet this year which Billy would have loved. I missed him all day.

One thought on “thankful

  1. I’m so thankful that you and your girls made the trip down. Every year is special in its own way. The girls are so kind to my daughter, and they grow more beautiful and sophisticated every time I see them, without losing their sweetness. My father left his attache case behind, so perhaps we can drive up and retrieve it and see you again. I also thought of Billy all day, working hard as we relaxed and ate and braided hair and bracelets. Billy missed out! But there’s always next year. I’m so thankful for this chronicle of your life! With gratitude, Wendy in Washington

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