Elisa made a cake, following a recipe exactly except when it came to decorating.

It was an all day affair.

Chocolate and peppermint with multiple, complicated layers including melted York Peppermint Patties, and white chocolate with crushed peppermints.

. . . . .



6 thoughts on “December, the way I will remember it

  1. What wonderful memories! Thanks for sharing. We baked a cake from a MIX! Don’t tell Elisa. We admire you from afar.
    Naomi had her eye surgery which was rough going for a week, but got the stitches out yesterday without pain or mess. We are on the mend, and hoping to forget these weeks, except for one day ice skating before the surgery. (Remember the ice skates you gave us? They fit now!). So with your kind permission we will borrow your memories of December.
    May 2013 bring us all wonderful memories. outside and in, without hospitals or surgeries of any kind! love, Wen

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