I stopped at a bookstore this afternoon and was greeted inside the door by a hound dog who spent a half hour smelling my legs. I imagine it isn’t every day that someone walks in wearing the same pants worn earlier to milk a cow, feed sheep, and collect eggs. He was so happy that finally he rubbed his back against me the way my childhood basset hound would grin while rolling in rotten fish at the beach. I smelled that good, I guess.

Even with all the attention I was able to find a datebook and there is nothing like a new blank book to make things feel as if they are at the beginning.

. . . . .

(going back)

2013’s eve



My fortune said that the life changes I had worked hard to set in motion were going to be a success in  future and that I was to watch.


4 thoughts on “new

  1. Watching with you! Thanks so much for these photos and your thoughts. Your wisdom and the beauty of your life changes every reader’s life for the better! Happy, peaceful New Year to you all…–Wendy in Washington

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